About Us

Can you generate 100% of your own power and have a normal lifestyle?

If you are looking for that answer, then welcome to the tribe!

Who we are.

On a sunny December day, back in 2015, my family and I started our new lives in a house that is completely ‘unplugged’ from the electric utility. Our home is just like every other home with A/C, regular electric appliances and flushing toilets. And we do it all by means of a solar array and a backup generator.

For the record, we didn’t have a lot of ‘cheer-leaders’ encouraging us at the beginning. Point of fact, there were plenty of naysayers in the process. But I am happy to say, that after all of this time… we’re still going strong.

Why do we do it?

Being prior military with time in the Gulf, I am loathe to see any more Service Personnel sent into harms’ way for the sake of oil – a product that I have come to understand we don’t need nearly as much as the rhetoric would suggest.

As a parent, I am very concerned about our changing climate. It bothers me significantly when I hear scientists offer continued warnings only to have politicians argue the opposite – as if the latter’s own vested interest somehow has no bearing on their opinion.

Why should you do it?

Whether it’s political, environmental, or simply a refusal to participate in the ‘cave-man-must-burn’ idiocracy that has ruled our planet for far too long, Unplug4Solar is a real world working example of what the experts claim to be impossible.

If you know in your heart that there is a better way to power your home… your life… your world, but all you ever hear is ‘it can’t be done’ then I would encourage you to join us.

As mentioned above, we have been living ‘unplugged’ since 2015 and I can tell you, the game has changed a LOT since our system was originally quoted. Solar panels are now even more productive at a lower purchase cost and energy storage is improving at a phenomenal rate!

Clearly, the technology of ‘right now’ has made it possible for you to provide 100% of your own power and still maintain a normal lifestyle.

But while this is the new reality, it is not a process that is widely understood and certainly not widely embraced. It will be… in time. Of that, I have every confidence. But until then, the naysayers are still out there and some of them are in positions to make your life difficult should you choose to embrace this better future.

Why Unplug4Solar?

The tsunami of solar power may appear to be slow to rise, but it is a force that will never be thwarted. This wave of change will be far reaching, altering our way of energy production for the entire planet.

Unplug4Solar is not a blog written by engineers or scientists or even a politician. It is written by a family who are actually doing what others can only comment on. We had no experience whatsoever with solar power prior to this move and have done all of our learning ‘on the fly’.

What does this mean for you?

If we can do it, with our lack of knowledge and older technology, then you can do it too!

Join our tribe as we share our experience of living in Unplug4Solar.