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What is Never-Charge?

Never-Charge means never plugging in. With a full spread of solar cells embedded into the vehicle, you can achieve 40 miles of driving just by having your Aptera sit outside on a sunny day.

This, coupled with a 1000 mile range battery pack, means that you can drive and drive…and drive for a long time!

What Is Efficiency?

Well, how about moving through the air 13 times smoother than a pickup truck?! And less resistance means less energy required to get you to wherever you want to go.


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What Is Design Defiance?

Sometimes, you just got to throw out the book on what everyone knows, and dream something better. And this is exactly what the design team at Aptera is doing.

With the governing focus of efficiency, safety and ergonomics, Aptera ignores the status quo of today’s design to deliver something absolutely superior… in every way!


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What Is The Future?

How about a company that allows you to work on your own vehicle? The folks at Aptera Motors believe that you should have complete ownership of your vehicle — and this includes the ‘Right To Repair’.



What Are You Waiting For?

Aptera isn’t as much a car company, as it is a group of believers.

They know that there is a better way for us to travel. And they are resolved to realizing what is possible, rather than just accepting what has always been.

Their dedication to this dream is more than a decade in the making, and I personally, welcome it with open arms!

Thank You & Sunny Skies!


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